About Us:- Ghost Guns Official is here to help everyone obtain a gun for safety purposes without a limitation to registration documents and other political reasons which are beneficial only to the rich and the high-class citizens. We buy ghost gun kits, assemble them and sell to everyone at a very affordable price so everyone in the state can own a gun for self and family protection. Ghost Guns Official aim to protect Americans who can not purchase a gun because of registration. Every gun you see on our website is a ghost gun.

Our goal is to provide you with all of your firearm needs, from gun build kits to build guns, ghost glock kit, ammunition and everything in between to help! We offer a wide selection of top quality self defense guns and home defense guns to protect you and your family from the everyday gun shooting all over the country, so you can choose exactly what you’re looking for from our Ghost Guns Official online inventory.


We official 100% Premium discreet packaging and and shipping for all our products to keep our customers safe from the Feds. We use mostly inland delivery agents and delivery is very fast and safe. Visit our Ghost Guns online shop and place your order now.

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