G17 (Full 9mm)

  • Ghost 17 Parts Kit W/Black Slide

    Ghost 17 Parts Kit with black slide, frame not included.

    Does not ship to NJ or internationally.

  • Slide Parts Kit for G17

    SLIDE PARTS KIT GEN 3 for G17/22

    All Parts are made to original OEM specification.

  • GUN BOSS® Handgun Tactical Cleaning Kit

    Big functionality in a small rugged package that easily fits into a pack or range bag. A complete cleaning kit designed to keep your handgun tip-top. No annoying loose parts. Smartly organized, each bore brush, jag, patch tip, rod and handle is held securely in place. This sets the standard for a portable handgun cleaning kit.

  • Aves FMDA DD17.2 Rail Kit

    Aves Rails is pleased to offer the first commercially available rail kit for the next generation of printed Glock style frame. The FMDA DD17.2 is the most versatile and strongest design available today.
    The front rails for this kit are the same high quality and high tolerance rails that are offered in the original FMDA G17 rail kit. The rear rails are an all new design specific to the various DDxx.2 frames. Made from high quality stainless steel. Precision formed to fit your frame perfectly every time. The rear rails are supported by the frame as well as the trigger components. Because of this we have developed a holder to be used in transit to protect your rear rails until they are ready to be installed. This ensures they are the proper size upon delivery, providing you with the easiest assembly of any printed frame.
    To complete a DD17.2 frame you will need these rails, a lower parts kit for a gen 3 G17 and a compatible slide for a gen 3 G17.

  • Aves DDxx.2 Rear Rail Upgrade

    These rails are laser cut and bent on an industrial press brake ensuring the highest quality achievable. Designed and tested in collaboration with Deterrence Dispensed to ensure the perfect fit in your frame.
    These rear rails are the same as what is offered in the FMDA DD17.2, DD19.2 and DD26.2 rail kits. Because the front rail from a version 1 G17 and G19 kit are unchanged with version 2 this is all you need to upgrade your old kit.
    These rails are shipped in a 3d printed holder to ensure safe transportation of the rail. Simply push the pin out of the printed holder and install it in your frame.
  • G17.2 Aluminum Rail Kit

    • Front rails are precision machined to +/-0.002″ tolerances and our 2-piece rear rails are laser cut, formed, and tumbled.
    • Compatible with the DD19.2 3D-Printed Frame
    • Front rail is 6061 aluminum and rear rail is 304 stainless
  • Slide Blank for Glock 17 Gen 3

    Zaffiri Precision SLIDE BLANK for Glock 17 Gen 3. This single billet 17-4 stainless steel slide blank is made with tight tolerances that allow an increase in accuracy and performance. 100% American made and manufactured at our facility. Fully functioning cut with standard rear dovetail and front sight hole.

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