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Century Arms Micro Draco 7.62x39mm Semi-automatic Romanian AK Pistol For Sale

The Century Arms® Micro Draco 7.62x39mm Semi-automatic Romanian AK Pistol is a fun, reliable and effective weapon that can be used for target practice, hunting or even self defense.

This pistol is a semi-automatic with a 7.62x39mm magazine capacity, which means that you’ll be able to fire off extra rounds without having to reload as often. It also comes with a 30 round magazine.

The pistol weighs 2 pounds and measures 11 inches in length. The adjustable rear sight will help you zero in on your target more accurately so that you can get the most out of each shot. The pistol also features an underbarrel Picatinny rail for attaching accessories like flashlights, lasers or vertical grips so that you can customize it to suit your needs better than ever before!

The AKM is one of the most recognizable firearms in the world today thanks to its use by various militaries throughout history—including those of countries like Russia, China and North Korea—as well as its popularity among civilian shooters due to its reliability and affordability compared with other similar firearms like AR-15s or M16s which are much more expensive than AKs but offer very similar performance levels due to their similar design.

This pistol is made from polymer, which means that it’s lightweight and easy to transport. It also has a foldable stock that allows you to adjust the length of your grip depending on how tall you are, as well as how much recoil you prefer.

This gun uses a gas system instead of a bolt lock mechanism like most rifles do, so it’s even easier than other models when it comes to loading and unloading cartridges into the chamber.

The magazine holds 10 rounds at once, which is the maximum capacity allowed by law in most states; however, some states require magazines with fewer than 10 rounds if they’re attached directly underneath their firearms (like this one). It comes with two magazines: one with a 10-round capacity and one with an 8-round capacity.

This handgun is modeled after the draco AK47, so it’s got all the power and strength that you’d expect from an assault rifle—but in a smaller package. It’s perfect if you want something that packs some serious punch but isn’t too bulky or heavy. The Micro Draco also features a side folding stock that makes it easy to stash away when not in use. You’ll be surprised at how easy this gun is to conceal!

The best part about owning the Century Arms® Micro Draco 7.62x39mm Semi-automatic Romanian AK Pistol is that it comes with two magazines—so it’s almost like getting two guns in one! You can always keep one loaded with regular bullets and leave one empty for practice shooting whenever you want (or use them both at once).

Is a micro Draco a good gun?

The Mini-Draco, chambered in 7.62x39mm is indeed a phenomenal, yet very specific purpose pistol. It is best used only as a static (i.e. residential), personal defense weapon which engages targets at short distances. The reason for this is that the rifle’s recoil will cause the muzzle to rise, making it difficult to get accurate follow up shots.

However, if you are looking for a close range weapon that can be used with one hand and will give you an advantage over an opponent with an AR-15 or similar rifle when engaging them at distances less than 25 yards then this gun is perfect for you!

What kind of gun is a micro Draco?

A micro Draco is a type of air rifle. Air rifles are used for hunting small game and pests, as well as for target practice. The micro Draco is a small, lightweight version of an air rifle that’s easy to use, making it ideal for kids who want to learn about hunting and shooting.

The Draco is a semi-automatic pistol that was made by Gustav Genschow & Co. in Suhl, Germany. It was first introduced in 1897 and has since evolved into several different models.

The Draco is known for its compact size (much smaller than most pistols), which makes it easy to conceal and carry around. The Draco is also known as the Baby Browning, or the Baby Hi-Power because of its similarity to other popular handguns.

It comes in two sizes: the micro Draco and the standard Draco. The standard Draco is larger than the micro Draco, but both are small enough to fit into your pocket when you’re not using them!

How many bullets does a micro Draco hold?

The Micro Draco is a semi-automatic pistol that holds 10 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition in its magazine. It can hold one more round in the chamber, bringing the total to 11. The Draco micro pistol is ultra-small and holds 13 bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber. The rounds are powerful enough to knock over a man twice your size.
The Draco micro pistol fit the new owner in all the right places. Around 50% of its weight is located in the front of the gun, making it incredibly manageable to hold. In addition, it only takes six pounds of pressure to fire a bullet from this gun.

What kind of bullets do a Draco shoot?

Draco bullets are made from a special type of metal called “bronzium”. Bronzium is an alloy which is made up of copper, tin, and zinc. The bullets are then coated with a thin layer of gold to make them more aerodynamic, which helps them fly faster and farther than other types of ammunition.

Bronzium is very heavy, but it’s also very dense—which means that the bullet doesn’t have to be very big to have the same weight as another bullet made out of lead. This makes it easier for the gun user to carry around all their ammo in one place while still maintaining accuracy and stopping power.

Where can I buy a Micro Draco for sale

Where can I buy a Micro Draco for sale? The best place to buy a micro draco gun online is Ghost Guns Official. Buy ghost micro draco guns online without registration. The best way to find out where you can buy a Micro Draco for sale or micro draco near me is by visiting our website today!

You can easily find the Micro Draco gun at a low price, but you should be careful not to make any mistakes when purchasing one. If you want to buy a gun that will last for a long time and not break down, then you should check out our website. You can find all of the information you need on our website so that you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes when purchasing your new gun.

We have a wide selection of micro draco guns at all price points, so whether you’re looking for something that’s cheap or something that’ll cost you a pretty penny, we’ve got what you need. You can find out more information about our micro draco guns here: shop micro draco


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