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Ghost 17 Parts Kit with black slide, frame not included.

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But GHOST 17 PARTS KIT W/BLACK SLIDE Online From Ghost Guns Official

Ghost 17 Parts Kit is a complete package that includes everything you need for your build. This kit will provide you with an upper and lower receiver, a complete bolt carrier group and charging handle, plus all the other small parts needed for assembly. The parts are made from the highest quality materials available giving them a custom look and feel.

The Ghost 17 Parts Kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build their own AR-15 rifle from scratch or upgrade an existing rifle. You can now get the best Ghost 17 Parts Kit w/ Black Slide Online From Ghost Guns Official.

What’s included:

9mm Gen3 Black Glock 17 OEM Factory Slide
Front & Rear Sight Cuts
Comes with Standard Front & Back OEM Sights
OEM lower parts kit
Pistol Upper Comes Built & Proven With Sights Installed
Glock Carry Case
One 10 round magazine

The Ghost 17 Parts Kit w/ Black Slide is the perfect companion for your Glock 17. This parts kit includes everything you need to complete your Glock 17 and customize it exactly how you want it.

This kit includes a black anodized aluminum slide with an integral Picatinny rail and fixed sights, a stainless steel barrel, a recoil spring assembly, a polymer grip, and all of the necessary screws and springs.

You can use this kit to convert your Glock 17 into a compact carry pistol or competition pistol. This is an awesome way to turn your Glock into something entirely new!

The Ghost Guns 17 Parts Kit w/ Black Slide is a great addition to your collection of firearms. The kit contains all the parts you need to build your own pistol. You can also buy it as part of a kit with the slide and barrel already assembled, but we recommend building your own so you can learn how it works.

The kit comes with a barrel and slide, but you’ll have to purchase the frame separately. You’ll also need tools like a hammer and nail set, vice grips, files and sandpaper to assemble the gun yourself.

If you feel like you don’t have enough knowledge about guns or gun assembly, this isn’t for you. However if you’re looking for something fun and educational then this might be worth checking out!

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