P80 Complete Pistol – PFC9 Flat Dark Earth

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The PFC9 is a complete pistol that offers an excellent value to the customer. It has a polymer frame, with interchangeable backstraps that allow for custom fitting. The trigger pull is crisp and offers a smooth release, great for target shooting.

The slide and barrel are made from stainless steel with an integral feed ramp, which makes the pistol extremely reliable. It has front and rear cocking serrations for ease of use and improved gripping ability. The safety features include a drop safety, mag catch safety and internal firing pin block.

The P80 Complete Pistol is the latest addition to the PFC9 family. It features a flat dark earth colorway and includes a matching magazine, cleaning rod, and manual. The PFC9 is compatible with Glock 17 magazines and comes with a polymer magazine release catch adapter.

The PFC9 is a lightweight pistol that fires the 9mm cartridge. The pistol has an overall length of 6.85 inches with a 3.2-inch barrel and weighs just over 1 pound when unloaded. The pistol’s slide is made of steel, while the frame is made of polymer.

The PFC9 has several safety features including a firing pin block safety, dual extractors to prevent double feed malfunctions, and an internal drop safety that prevents accidental discharges if dropped while holstered or carried on one’s person

Frequently Ask Questions

Are ghost guns legal?

Ghost guns (also called “ghost rifles” or sometimes “ghost pistols”) are firearms that have been manufactured so that they’re untraceable by law enforcement. They’re made with a 3D printer, or otherwise assembled from parts made using a 3D printer, and can’t be traced back to the manufacturer or their owner. Ghost guns are not legal in every state—some states allow them, while others do not.

Because of the way these guns are manufactured, it’s impossible for law enforcement to know who owns them and where they came from. This makes it very difficult for law enforcement and law enforcement agencies to track down criminals who use ghost guns in crimes, because there’s no way to find out where they came from.

Are ghost guns illegal in California?

Gun Ghost are firearms that have not been registered with the state or the federal government, so they cannot be traced. Ghost guns are produced by criminals and sold to other criminals, as well as people who want to protect themselves from criminals.

The only legal way to own a gun in California is if you are a law enforcement officer or if you have a concealed carry license. If you want to buy or own an unregistered gun, then you must be at least 18 years old, pass a background check and mental health evaluation, and wait 10 days after purchasing before picking up your weapon.

Are ghost guns legal in Texas

Texas law defines a ghost gun as any gun that does not contain a serial number or manufacturer’s name on its frame or receiver. The state allows non-licensed individuals to purchase these weapons, but they must register them with the state within ten days of making the purchase.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) does not consider ghost guns to be firearms under federal law because they do not have serial numbers or manufacturers’ names on their frames or receivers.


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PFC9 Flat Dark Earth

P80 Complete Pistol - PFC9 Flat Dark Earth

$499.00$599.00 (-17%)

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