P80 Complete Pistol – Polymer80 PFC9 9mm Black

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The Polymer80 PFC9 9mm Complete Ghost Handgun is a reliable, lightweight handgun that’s easy to conceal. It has a polymer frame and an alloy slide, so it’s lightweight and durable—just what you want for a gun you’ll be carrying every day. PFC9 Flat Dark Earth

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Polymer80 PFC9 9mm Complete Ghost Handgun For Sale

The Polymer80 PFC9 9mm Handgun is a complete ghost gun for sale. It’s a fully functional Glock-compatible handgun that you can build yourself. If you’re looking for a Glock-compatible handgun, this is the one for you.

The Polymer80 PFC9 9mm Complete Ghost Handgun features a lightweight polymer frame and slide with an integral accessory rail. The grip has aggressive texturing on both sides to ensure your hands stay put during recoil, and the frontstrap has three different textures to provide even more grip when shooting. The rear sight is adjustable for windage, while the front sight is fixed in place.

The Polymer80 PFC9 also includes two magazines: one with an extended baseplate to accommodate 17-rounds of ammo, and one with a flat baseplate with finger extension so it can hold 10 rounds plus 1 in the chamber.

The Polymer80 PF9 9mm Complete Ghost Handgun has an 8 round magazine capacity, which makes it ideal for concealed carry or home defense purposes. The Polymer80 PF9 9mm Complete Ghost Handgun is compatible with Glock magazines and comes standard with two magazines.

The Polymer80 PF9 9mm Complete Ghost Handgun features an integrated Picatinny rail that allows you to add accessories such as lasers, lights and sights if desired. The pistol also features adjustable rear sights for easy adjustments when necessary; however these sights cannot be removed from the gun without breaking them off since they are permanently attached to the slide via rivets instead of screws like most other pistols on the market today (which makes them more durable).

What is a PFC9 pistol?

The PFC9 pistol is a semi-automatic, double-action pistol that comes in 9mm or .45 ACP. It has a polymer frame and features a Picatinny rail for accessories. The PFC9 pistol is for sale at Ghost Guns Official.

The PFC9 pistol features several unique features that make it stand out from other pistols on the market. These include:

– A double action trigger system (DA/SA) with a hammer decocker and safety catch

– A durable all stainless steel construction with black finish (or optional nickel finish)

– Adjustable rear sight for windage adjustments

Is a P80 PFC9 a real gun?

If you’re asking if the Polymer80 PFC9 is a real gun, yes! It’s actually a replica of the real thing. It’s an airsoft gun that was designed to look and feel like a real gun. It has an internal gas-powered mechanism that causes it to fire when you pull the trigger. The PFC9 has a muzzle velocity of 320-350 feet per second, which means it can shoot pellets at high speeds and cause damage to whatever it hits.

The PFC9 is an airsoft pistol made by KWC (Kung Wen Cheng). It has been in production since 2004, with upgrades being made over time to improve its performance and reliability. The PFC9 has been used by many law enforcement agencies around the world as well as military forces in countries such as China and South Korea.

Is PFC9 a Glock?

The Polymer80 PFC9 is a pistol manufactured by Korth USA. It is not a Glock, although it does share some similarities with the Glock 18, which is also manufactured by Korth.

The main difference between the two pistols is that the PFC9 uses an external hammer rather than a striker like the Glock 18. In addition, the barrel of the PFC9 is longer than that of the Glock 18 and it has different grips.

There are also some minor differences in how they function; for example, while both use 9mm rounds, only one can be used as a semi-automatic weapon (the PFC9) while the other has to be fired in bursts (the Glock 18).

How many bullets does a P80 hold?

The Polymer80 PFC9 can hold up to 12 bullets, but you won’t find them in stores. The P80 is a rare weapon that is only available through special promotions. A P80 has a standard capacity of 10 bullets, but it can be upgraded to hold 20. The P80 is a semi-automatic pistol that holds 12 bullets.

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Polymer80 PFC9

P80 Complete Pistol - Polymer80 PFC9 9mm Black

$499.00$599.00 (-17%)

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